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Sewer Cleaning & Repair

Steer clear of all sewer clogging and damages with experts on your side

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer line clogging can be highly cumbersome as they are meant to fetch enormous volumes of water (wastewater) for treatment at the City’s water treatment plant. Thus if you are facing any problems with your sewer lines, don’t think twice before attending to the problem. It is advisable to employ a professional to attend to sewer cleaning as it can be a complicated task that needs professional expertise.

When you think of professional sewer cleaning services, think of Impressions Plumbing and HVAC Solutions. Our plumbers and technicians are trained, certified, and equipped with world-class technology and practices to get the job done well.

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Common Causes of Sewer Line Clogging

  • Sewer Line Damage: Broken or damaged sewer lines are the most common causes of sewer clogging in the US. In such cases, the water doesn’t pass through the lines properly. Weathering, exposure to excessive pollution and traffic, pressure from construction equipment, etc. can cause the sewer lines to be damaged or broken.
  • Root Infiltration: This is found in old sewer lines especially those made with porous substances. Roots or tiny plant growth in such sewer pipes clog the lines and damage the sewer lines.
  • Sewer Line Sagging: Changes in the soil can lead to the sagging of sewer lines. This can also be a reason for clogged sewers.
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Sewer Cleaning Techniques

While you might be tempted to resort to DIY or home remedies for sewer unclogging, it is best advised that you call for professional plumbers to get their hands dirty and unclog the sewer lines from the root.

  • Hydraulic Cleaning: Hydraulic cleaning uses water rushing into the sewer lines at high pressure to push the debris or clogs out. Our licensed plumbers are equipped with various water hoses and nozzles fit to clean different types of clogs.
  • Chemical Cleaning: Harsh and corrosive chemicals are often used to flux the clogs and flush them out easily. However, only professional services like that of Impressions must be deployed in such cases. Our plumbers are licensed and trained to use the right chemicals rated by the government.
  • Mechanical Cleaning: Use of rodding, buckets, and pigs (special capsules used to unclog) are the typical ways of mechanical sewer cleaning. Our plumbers are equipped with the best tools for carrying out mechanical sewer cleaning.
  • Snaking: Drain/sewer snakes are long, slender, and flexible augers used to clear debris and blockages. Drain snakes are most often a plumber’s first choice when it comes to sewer cleaning. Get expert plumbers from Impressions to snake the blockage out of your sewer lines.
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Sewer Repairs

Sewer lines, being hidden from the common man’s eyes, are often neglected. But surprisingly, sewer lines need repairs and maintenance checks as often as normal pipes to let your wastewater flush out seamlessly. It is time you wake up and start paying heed to the sewer lines. Call for sewer experts from Impressions to repair any damage that your sewer lines might be enduring.

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Our Sewer Repair & Preventive Maintenance Services

Impressions Plumbing and HVAC Solutions host a team of expert plumbers who come with years of experience, are trained and licensed in professional sewer repair & maintenance services and are equipped with the industry’s best tools, techniques, and practices.

We repair:

  • Damaged, broken, and/or cracked pipelines
  • Corrosion/rusting
  • Hair, grease/oil, and waste build-ups
  • Clogs
  • Freezing & sagging
  • Sloppy pipeline installations
  • Defective sewer lines
  • Root infiltration
  • Joint leakages
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Why Choose Impressions?

While constructing your new property, it is of utmost importance to keep the safety and efficacy of the plumbing and HVAC systems in mind. It is thus highly advisable that you partner with professional service providers like Impressions to entrust the new connections for your home. We have been successful in attaining 100% client satisfaction for the people in Greater Metro Detroit with outstanding plumbing services.

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