Smart and Easy Ways to Unclog Drains

However common, drain clogs can be a real damper to your day if not fixed early. Imagine standing ankle-deep in water in the shower or struggling with sending the water down the sink while doing your dishes after a tiresome day. Nightmare, isn’t it? Well, you can probably dodge these situations with a few quick and handy solutions.

Time to Unclog

When do you know it is time to get your hands dirty and start working on clearing the drains? As we plumbers say, it’s never too early. A regular clean-up of the drains can save you a lot of hassles and money in the long run. But otherwise, anytime you notice the water draining out slower than usual or find visible dirt, fibers, or hair blocking the drain, you know it’s time. Get those tools out, put on the gloves and get ready to clean the drains.

Quick and Easy Unclogging Methods

While you might be wondering how to get along those clogged drains, the experts at Impressions have listed some easy and viable unclogging methods for you. 

Let’s dig in deeper, shall we?

  1. Plunge them out – Plungers are the most common plumbing and cleaning tools that are used in American households. These are easy to use, inexpensive, and available at any hardware or departmental store near you. Just cover the drain with a plunger and lock it on to create a vacuum effect, pull it out to release the pressure, and see the drain unclog. However, this is only useful to address small and superficial clogs. 
  1. Chemical flushing – Liquid drain cleaning chemicals come in handy to unclog drains blocked by hair, paper, grease, etc. These are comprised of organic substances that liquify the clogging agents but may not be extremely efficient in clearing out deep and highly resistant clogs.
  1. Home-made cures – You may want to try easily available home remedies and tricks like pouring a mixture of salt and hot water or baking soda and salt or vinegar, lemon, and salt to clean the drains. However, these may not be effective in cleaning fats, oils, or greases. Do not use these if you have plastic pipes as hot water can melt them.
  1. Dry & wet vacuum – You can try to swamp out the clogged drains by using your dry and wet vacuum by setting it to the wet mode and choking the drain tightly. All you need to do now is turn the vacuum on and suction out the clogging agents.  
  1. Using drain snakes or augers – An auger or a drain snake is a cleaning tool with a coiled-up flexible metal cable inside a canister that can be extended further into the pipeline to clear the clog. The blocking elements get tangled in the spirals of the auger and get pulled out when the tool is drawn out. It is effective in clearing clogs up to 20-25 feet.

If you are still caught up with the clogs and are unable to get them cleaned, all you need is a pair of expert hands and some advanced tools. We at Impressions know perfectly well how to break you free from the difficult-to-cast-away clogs and deep clean the drains and pipes for a long-term clog-free experience. Just pick your phone and dial us in to let our licensed, experienced and tech-savvy plumbers cast their magic.

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